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All Parties Meet April 28, 2011

posted May 17, 2011, 9:49 PM by wst Teacher Wong Shun Tak
04/28/2011 @ 8:30 AM
Finally... we all meet!


Claire Yragui
Devon Tjader

Dr. Chen
Angie Pascarella*
Joe Mazares

Monica Myhill
Kit Devison

  • Computer Basics tutorial needed.  Will not be an independent 60-minute workshop but a short video/PowerPoint Tutorial/text document that can be used at the beginning of any workshop if need is determined by facilitator based on experience level of clients participating.  Angie and Joe have agreed to work on this, but if you have any suggestions please share them!  If you are interested in helping out PLEASE DO!
  • STAND and JLOEB love that we have included instructional videos and are excited and eager to see the rest!
  • STAND would like a CD with all of the documents and media on it for use in case the media cannot be accessed online.  We will need to work out how to collaborate and get all files together in one place for CD creation.
  • Angie has many links to fix on the portal site :P
  • STAND emphasized that all PPT need strong introductions providing examples of how the skills learned in the individual workshops can be applied practically.  It was stressed that clients need to understand why they are learning the skills independently and overall.
  • There was some interest in the possibility of a “Resume How to” which may be looked into further once these workshops are completed and underway.
  • Susan Woodhouse will be our contact for information regarding facilitating and the 40-hr training.  JLOEB seems willing/able to pay for the training, though Monica was not sure about funding for fingerprinting.  There will be a new training schedule for Summer with day time hours.  More information regarding this will be emailed to all of us. 
  • All materials/media need to be uploaded to Google Sites by Friday.
  • Another meeting is tentatively planned for May 16, 17, or 18 at the same location as today.  Possibly earlier at the request of Monica.  We should have or be receiving final feedback at this time.  This will give us three weeks for revision as needed.
  • STAND and JLOEB both want to make sure we give ourselves credit and suggest we use our CSUEB logo in the credits for the PPT and videos.
Thursday, April 28, 2011