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Website Templates

posted May 17, 2011, 9:48 PM by wst Teacher Wong Shun Tak
It has been determined that each group will need to make a Google sites website for their project. We came up with a solution to make things a little easier.  Basically, using one of the gmail accountscreated while doing the tutorial videos for the email workshop, Angie will setup Google Sites for each group using the email group's site as a template. She will change the colors to match each groups’ colors.  However, groups will have to upload all of their own documents and change text to match their group's workshop.  This means, once she gets it going, she will be sending everyone the login name and password for the account.  On the site groups will need to upload all of their ISD documents, PowerPoint tutorials, videos, etc.

As for the “portal” site blasted out to everyone the other day, Angie will be updating that with the Google site links for each group as they get up and running.  Dr. Chen has requested that once we get the Google sites going, everyone get anything they have already created, posted ASAP.  For this week, just get as much up as possible!
Tuesday, March 29, 2011